Thursday, 21 December 2017

New look Road Show for 2018

The Emmaus Road Show is a well established teaching resource. If your school, church, or study group would be interested in any of the four exhibits listed below please contact us by email at

We can transport any of the displays to venues throughout the UK, and beyond. There is no charge for staging the exhibition, but we appreciate any voluntary contribution towards travelling costs to locations beyond commuting distance from our Bedford base.

The model measures 12ft x 7ft.

Your group can select any or all of the following four exhibits:

1.  Scale Model
A display of our recently completed model of Herod's Temple in Jerusalem, with its various sound and light effects, together with a guided tour by one of our experienced staff. 

The interior of buildings can be illustrated on a screen above the model. (See top photo).

2.  Big Screen Presentation
An on-screen presentation about the times of the Jerusalem temples mentioned in the Bible, either just Solomon's and Herod's (30mins), or/also the two predicted to be built in the future (20mins). 

For this we can use our giant 14ft x 10ft projection screen and powerful sound system, or a mid size pop-up screen for smaller venues. (Picture - Ezekiel's Temple)

3.  3D High-Definition Video
A vivid 20-minute 3D video about the life and world of Jesus, filmed in Israel from Nazareth to Jerusalem. 

This programme includes the gospel message. Suitable for adults and school children. 3D projection needs a blacked-out room. Limited to 10 viewers per showing. (Picture - Herod's Palace)

4.  Interactive Computers
A suite of multimedia computers with custom-made interactive programs provide an overview of the main themes and characters of the Old and New Testaments.

Hands-on: visitors work individually or in pairs using our unique software. The programs incorporate an on-screen animated guide and are interspersed with quiz questions. (Picture - approaching the Mountain of God in the Sinai)

Below is a scene from the 3D video filmed at locations in Israel including Nazareth Village, the Galilee region, the River Jordan, the Judean wilderness and the ancient city of Jerusalem.

Especially suitable for children aged 7 - 12 years are the interactive computer programs, where individuals begin their journey through world history as if first-time visitors from outer space, using the Bible as a guide book. The introduction includes a brief game which involves capturing information sent up from planet Earth. See below:

The Road Show offers a hands-on activity for young people, who after watching a brief on-screen presentation about the Tabernacle and Temple in Jerusalem, are challenged to assemble small 3D-printed models (below) and recall the events in the life of Jesus which occurred in the vicinity.

Our team has 18 years experience in illustrating the Scriptures for all age groups. We occasionally use our major exhibition vehicles which have recently been renovated, in cooperation with YWAM.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information about the road show. More photographs of the model are available on our website at

Advertising Leaflets and Posters

If you are considering inviting schools and other local groups to your venue we can supply leaflets and posters of various sizes.
Contact details:
Telephone 01727 858869.

Launched in March 2000, the Emmaus Road Show was operated by Bible Scene. Over the past decade it has been the responsibility of Bible Ventures, a UK-based non-denominational registered charity, number 1112501.